Eurostoxx50/FESX Long scalping

Slow morning with some heavy news pending in the US session, and…. it’s Friday.
I’m also trading on an old laptop, which my video stuff isn’t working too well from apparently. So i didn’t catch my entry.
i’ll update it during the weekend, and make everything work 100% again :).

I got Long the FESX @ 3030. Prior to that we’ve taken out this morning’s buttom at 3034. @ 3030 Some volume build up, and there didn’t seem to be more buyers willing to buy under 3030, so i took the shot. I actually did expect some more selling in the German BUND (FGBL), but i guess everyone is waiting for news around the globe.

I excited for 8 tick profit, as price just slowed up too much for my style. my ideal target would be around 3041-3042 as seen on the volume profile. But the world isn’t build of if’s, but’s, then’s…. 🙂

Best regards. Hr Flow

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