Daily Archive: Monday, June 6, 2016

Stoxx Short Reverse Long scalping

Slow start around market open. I made 3 trades in this video. I shorted the 2993’s and was aiming for 2987. Basically nothing happened in the FESX and the Bund began to roll back a bit. I decided to scratch my short position with a 3 tick loss and to enter Long with a Stop

Eurostoxx50/FESX Short scalping

I was looking to enter Short the FESX, as i saw some size coming in around 2997. @ 2999 i began to worry a bit, but they could not lift the 3000 level with enough size so i decided to stay in the trade. I was a bit slow with my exit which should have

German Bund Long Scalping

what a slow morning. I was looking to enter Long the German Bund (FGBL) to ride a stop-run through 165.20-165.22 I entered a bit early @ 165.13, as i expected a fast pop-scalp. The correct entry in hindsight would have been to join @ 165.11 with a 2-3 tick stop, though i thought we wouldn’t