Stoxx Short Reverse Long scalping

Slow start around market open. I made 3 trades in this video.

I shorted the 2993’s and was aiming for 2987. Basically nothing happened in the FESX and the Bund began to roll back a bit. I decided to scratch my short position with a 3 tick loss and to enter Long with a Stop Limit Buy order @ 2995. I expected to pop the top up to around 3004-3007. Price hesitated heavily with the 3k’s with some sellers hitting the Bid og just getting out of their positions.

The last trade i made was at 2998, as volume was picking up to the upside, and here i was indeed expecting a fast pop up to around 3004-3007’s. Again price was just moving too slow for my style, so i decided to scratch it at BE.

Next good trade……

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