Eurostoxx scalping

Yesterday, was kind of weird in terms of the orderflow in the price lader as we we’re swapping contracts. I did not take a trade, but watched the products i primarily focus on.

Today, is equally a bit weird. We are trading the new contract in the Bunds and still the June one in the FESX, so there’s A LOT of spoofing going on.

I made an entry in the Stoxx @ 2989 when i saw over 1000 contracts hit the offer, aiming for 2997 OR 3003 if Price action began to rally hard. @ 1 minute into the video, only 2 contracts traded @ 2988 which is a good sign of upside momentum. The Bunds began to pull back a bit too, which i like to see.

In order to move price i would expected someone to clear all contracts @ 2991 & 2992,
@ around 5:36 into the video, over 1000 contracts hit the bid @ 2991. I squeezed my stop as it looked HFT-ish. No one lifted the 2992 level, and i decided to exit @ 2991 for a 2 tick winner.

1 good trade, 1 good trade & 1 good trade…….

I will focus on US open for some treasury scalps.

Best regards
/Hr Flow.

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