Brexit NextIT…….

Just came back from a nice short “well deserved” vacation ;). I’ve been scalping quite a bit today, but no recordings.

Brexit ahead…. Everybody’s talking about it and it might happen. BUT….. Prepare for the complete opposite to happen. Someone’s going to hit it, and someone’s going to puke hard…..

Currently i’m only focusing on trading the Bunds @ Eurex and the Bonds @ CME.

I will watch the following futures closely on 23’rd
FTSE (Only the Nasty CFD’s… ;)…)
YM (E mini DOW)
ES (E mini S&P500 )
FESX (Eurostoxx50)
FGBL (Bund)

I might be taking trades if i see clean, heavy orderflow to either side in the Indices or the Bund/Bobl. I will NOT trade the currencies. It’s a safe kill in my opinion…..

Good trading
/Hr. Flow

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