FESX Long scalps

Sorry for my lagging video-edit skills.

I’ve just started out with Camtasia as my last provider wasn’t suitable for the job. Basically showing a few scalps in the FESX this morning.

1’st one, was from 2928, taken from the highest volume-node which was 16352 when i got Long. Sellers hesitated to Bid prices lower, and only very few lots Back-printet from 2928 to 2925.
It can be considered a reversal trade 15 minutes after the open which i don’t take very often, but Orderflow was clearly to the upside.

I wen’t out @ 2940, as the Flow started to slow down too much.

I made an attempt more to try and go for higher highs @ 2937 as i saw over 11K hit the Offer with a tight Stop @ 2935. The bidding wasn’t there to drive us up so i decided to scalp out @ 2939. OFC it started to go Bid after i excited. Hindsight is always a perspective, not a great one, but one….

Most important thing here…… NEVER EVER marry a trade, KILL it if it doesn’t fly like you anticipated……

Do this 10-30 times a day, and you can actually make a good living.

Please be carefull over the next days. Things are gonna get Nasty!.

Best of trading
Hr. Flow

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