All bets are off!!!!!

All Bets are off!.
I will be watching multiple markets closely but won’t participate until start next week. I scalped the Bund multiple times today, but i seemed very slippery in terms of the Flow + i Wan’t to stop with ticks in the pocket for today.

I see a VERY dangerous pattern with some guys beginning to short the Pound. I suspect these guys, are following what more Media-type(Gurus?!?)-traders are saying, and just follows them blindly. Please be careful. There are PLENTY of opportunities every single day to scalp out massive amounts of money.

I suspect the Pound Etc. to be Extremely thin tomorrow and absolutely unreadable prior to the vote. If you’re short where will you place your stop ?. At the last top? – 100% chance that this top is going to be blown out. There are tons of people with VERY deep pockets, that can move the Currency markets, and i bet it ain’t you! nor me ;).

I hope for the best in regards of trading to all of you! and i definitely hope UK will vote TO STAY

/Hr Flow

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