Monthly Archive:: July 2016

ZN Short scalping

Scalping the Bonds again & again. Video is with sound – but please be patient. It’s summer time, and it’s just slow :). Though there was a very nice level over 2 prices in the ZN where i participated. Best of trading /Hr.Flow

Summer is around….

Summertime is here, the indices seems heavy but in lack of volume and i’m soon heading for vacation too for around 3 weeks :0)…. I’ve been watching the bond market all day long, and there’s a lot of commitment to buy at the moment, hence i made some quick scalps I’ve been busy, but have

ZN Short scalp

Still biased to the short side in the Treasuries. Video is with sound. Momentum wasn’t with me on this one. Best of trading to all of you /Hr.Flow

My Pre-market planning – The edge comes by hard work!!

This is a video explaining my pre-market preparation stuff. Hence my lack of time, i finally got time to get it done as it has been requested multiple times :)…. Hope it helps in your trading-planning Best of trading /Hr.Flow

Shorting Treasuries all day long at the moment

Nothing new here. So no reason for a video.. at least for now. Same setups i’m playing all day long, where i’m currently Short the ZN T-bond. Bonds are being hammered to the limit, and i’m riding the waves with the big guys…. happy scalping /Hr.Flow

ZN Short scalp – fade a high during Eurex session

Another trade i made today in the 10 Year T bond – ZN, during Eurex session. It’s a long & slow video with sound explanations. Best of trading to all of you /Hr.Flow

ZN T-Bond – reversal trade

Hi all, finally i got time to shoot a clean temporary reversal in the 10 Year T-Bond yesterday. I forgot to mention i entered 2 seconds prior to start of the video…. Next weekend i have free’d a couple of hours to do a complete to-do, of what i do, prior to market-open as many

Bund Stop run

Among a scalping day taken to the limits as of today, i caught a stop run short scalp on video. I didn’t start the recording in time so you could see my entry, but i just wanted to show a quick video of how i use The Yield Curve as i’m trading. I’ve been getting

Scalping the Bund & The 10 Year T-bond

Yesterday was pure madness in the overall bond-markets… And there’s a pretty solid reason to why these markets got hammered massively. For instance – Please check the yield chart(FGBL/Bund) which is negatively correlated Yield Chart These are days i tend to stay away from, but those are the days which can make up 6 months

ES Long Scalps

30 minutes after the US open i decided to scalp the ES. 1 looser & 1 winner in this one. Momentum was not with me to the upside, so i made another short scalp in another video. Everything is explained :). Best of trading /Hr.Flow