Scalping the BOBL

1. BOBL Iceberg
4. long BOBL out 133.79

I made multiple trades today, which i will try to explain with sound on if i can manage to figure out the Camtasia stuff later in the evening :).

Here’s a BOBL teaser which was executed at the Very low of a thick area in the volume profile.

The reason i entered Long the BOBL was because i saw a HEAVY iceberg order sitting and absorbing all the selling.
I entered Long @ 133.74, after i saw it tag the 133.73 with only 3 contracts.

After that we can see it goes BID with over 5K contracts total @ 133.74.
@ 133.76 we had a nice block bought of 1k, that’s the action i like to see, and i was instantly thinking we’re going for at stop-run.

@ 133.78 it looked like stops we’re taken out, so i decided to exit @ 133.79 which was a New high.

The BOBL is slow & boring, and i rarely trade it. Though i recommend to trade it for DOM beginners as you can very easily grasp what’s going on.

Best of trading

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