Scalping the Bund & The 10 Year T-bond

Yesterday was pure madness in the overall bond-markets… And there’s a pretty solid reason to why these markets
got hammered massively.

For instance – Please check the yield chart(FGBL/Bund) which is negatively correlated Yield Chart

These are days i tend to stay away from, but those are the days which can make up 6 months of trading in one single trade if you hit hard & early.

I decided to stay far far way. Not because i didn’t want to short this bastard. But there was no solid entry point for my 1’st entry. And i don’t just jump the gun into a trend.
Only if i’m already in at a better price, far away….

Actually i watched the whole show from the sideline – but rather enjoy a free view, than getting fragged! :0)…

I’ve got no videos today But managed to get dumps of some of my scalps.

1. The German Bund – Pull back Long trade:
after a massive hit yesterday, we opened up with a rather Large Gap. The Yield chart was gapping too. This is a rare scenario in the studies i’ve made and the screen time i have put into it.
First thought was only to buy this product. It turned out to be a nice scalp where i excited at 166.85 which was a liquidation point. Well it decided to move on without me, but who cares. Focus on 1 good trade at a time

Bund BE__13072016

2. The ZN T-Bond – Fade trade of the highs
Massive absorption in the ZN at the level i entered at. It ticked back and forth around my entry price for some time, but every time it looked like breaking for higher highs intraday, it was pure sellers wanting buyers to jump on board.
It’s critical to have a Tool where you can see this happening. If i was looking at a chart only, i would probably have bought it up here instead of selling.

size coming in
pressure point

I’m working on some divergence stuff directly at the US open between the (NQ,YM,ES). I’ve been watching them closely together over the past few weeks. and it tends to if the ES & NQ begins to move and the YM doens’t, it will most likely come along pretty quickly
I have not traded it yet, as i don’t like the thinner markets – but i will give it a shot soon and report back 😉

Best of trading

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