Summer is around….


Summertime is here, the indices seems heavy but in lack of volume and i’m soon heading for vacation too for around 3 weeks :0)….
I’ve been watching the bond market all day long, and there’s a lot of commitment to buy at the moment, hence i made some quick scalps

I’ve been busy, but have some videos from yesterday i need to edit prior to making them available.
I also got one from today a couple of minutes prior to Crude Oil news, but only managed to keep 1 tick of profit on this one, as the lack
of momentum clearly is here. I’ll explain why i entered so close to the news in the vid….

These days, where price just rallies in a steep curve, are the days where $ are to be made big time – i tend to watch but miss huge amount
of opportunites because i don’t see heavy size hit multiple price at once.

Anyway – as long as the account is green, it’s a good day :).

Best of trading to all of you

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