Back in business :)

Yield index Bund
near top

Sooo, i’m back from vacation… I’m trying to get tuned in on the markets, which i’ve spend some hours on today.
First scalp of the day was in the ZN – the new contract. Keep in mind we’ve just switched contracts in the Treasuries, but not yet in the European markets, hence the markets acts a bit iffy.

First picture shows the Yield index for the Bund(FGBL) which i was watching closely in order to trade the ZN. In hindsight it’s a clear directional bias to the short side, BUT it’s the 1’st of the month, and i will in general not short anything here. There was momentum to the downside in the morning, but i was waiting for the sellers to throw in their towel, in order to take a bit risky long position.

I placed a limit order, in order to get filled @ 130’205 in the ZN which was a nice little valley in the volume profile, as i saw someone absorbing over 1500 contracts in the Bund @ 167.07. I rode it up to 130’230 where the top got blown out in the Bund.

Best of trading to all of you

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