Scalping & Swinging

Hi all. It’s been a while since i’ve posted any updates. 🙂

A new year has started and i’ve switched job too, which means i do not have time to scalp any longer, at least not during Eurex/LIFFE opening. During US

session i’m too tired at the moment as i have an extreme learning curve to grasp at the moment. During Asia session i need to sleep :0)….

What i’ve not exposed you for yet, is my swing trading style in primarily the spot FX, Gold, Silver, Copper, Oil etc. markets. Basically any markets that

reveals opportunities and has some descent swings.

These are indeed some ugly ones, as transparency isn’t there, but i play them via patterns and aim to shoot for new tops & buttoms. My mindset is still the

same -> go with the flow, and make someone puke in the other end. There’s no indicators, no MP, VP, VWAP etc. Just clean price, which is the only thing we

need for swings.

Please stay tuned & be patient, more info will come

best of trading to all of you

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