YES – I’m still here

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Hi guys.
It’s been a while since I’ve updated with posts & comments.

I’ve been taking on a new position which honestly consumes a tremendous amount of time, power & energy. That being mixed with my trading & family I find absolutely no time for making videos, editing them, put sound on and answering to comments etc.

I still have some people I help out on a 1:1 basis and will also take more students in when summer hit’s the reversal.

There’s basically 2 ways that I trade at the moment, but I teach 3. The last one which is Scalping, I have close to no time for at the moment. That being said, Intraday trading & swing trading aren’t bad either. The risk tolerance is just a completely other factor.

1. The Swinging
A longer period of trading, which is based on timeframes of 1-4 Hr’s. It’s purely trend-based but also optional for catching extreme reversals based on the weekly & daily outlook. I trade everything I can get my hands on here. Indices, bonds, fx, metals, agricultural etc.

2. The intraday Day trading
Also I bit longer period of holding a trade. I usually base these trades on some very lucrative setups at newer highs or newer lows with sufficient accumulating OrderFlow. Usually I hold these for as long as possible, but a median based on 500 trades is like 2 hrs. I trade primarily indices here + Bonds

3. Scalping
DOM only, with very limited focus on charts. In-out, in-out, in-out. Extremely intensive but yield is massive when you hit the flow.

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