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All right, it has been some time since I posted and I actually brought down the site, in order to rebuild it completely – as always time is not in my favor at any circumstance so I left it again where it originally was. Meanwhile I also managed to become a dad, which in its own nature require some efforts as well. I’m actually quite impressed how more effective I’ve become since the day my little girl was born.

Besides my new job as a dad I’m also about to move in to the BlockChain world as well, as I’m a technology & trading geek, with a passion for helping mankind. Mark my words -> This stuff will evolve aggressively and probably also kill the futures exchanges over the long run. At least the fees will be close to zero.

What’s next
Trading School
I will revolutionize the industry of learning how to trade the markets. Not only the futures markets, but any market you can get your hands on. Once I’ve taken you under my wings, I will not let you lose the grip until you’re attacking like a hawk without thinking. We will go deep dive in the mechanics & psychology behind the markets – Remember it’s your believes you trade, and those believes is either right or wrong.

There will be 3 sets of education. First one is self-paced and is the essential for participating on either of the two next. Second one is 1-to-many video sessions where I will take you deep dive on the live markets and trade them with you. The third one is a 1-to-1 offer where I will sit directly next to you and we will trade your account in the live markets. The location is not a problem, it’s a matter of planning but you will have to cover all expenses if it’s not based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Still I need to have my time covered in terms of $ where there’s no fixed price tag. It all comes down to the level you’re at and what you want to achieve.

I occasionally have students that are very limited on resources($). As I’ve tried to be at the bottom myself, I know how hard it is to get started, hence I sometimes pick out a couples of persons I will take under my wings for free. The things I need for you in return on this one, will be to blog every single day, 3 times a day on my site where you will get your own little forum, free to view from any people around the globe. I will probably also need for some of the blogs to be in video. This is for sure limited and I have no rules for taking people in on this one, it’s a pure matter of time & the chemistry of the people of the other end.

The key here is to create a forum of knowledge transfer & involvement. I’ve seen how HFT are dominating the futures markets, and as I’m a tech geek, I know how co-location, 100x Gbit/s backbone and routing works. Forget the idea of beating the machines you should focus on the battle between you and the opponent next to you in flesh and blood – if you’re the fox, go for the chickens not the wolf.

I’m a tech geek but 50% of who I am is also a people person. I sit every single day like all of you watching how well regulated companies screw people over. Not only banks, but medical companies etc too. At least in Denmark where I live, we have pretty good medical coverage for all citizens even though you have no money, but that’s for sure not the case around the globe. I want to change that, I want to create an investment fund where at least 50% of the profit goes directly to help people in flesh & blood. I want to cut out every single organization in the middle and help people peer2peer. It doesn’t have to be out of illness, it could also be an artist that needs funding for a little start up or the single mom with 3 kids that can’t afford to take her kids out for a swim. It’s not about getting big and well known, I want the focus of the fund to be behind the scenes and put flesh & blood on top of the world.

Trading school
In Q1 2018 I will have it up and running with a fresh makeover of my website. I will take in requests along the road from now on to have a queue to work with. I will have to split the pipeline up with different criterias. If you want to apply for training I need for you to mentally get in the zone of why. Remember money is an outcome of trading, please explain to me why you want it so bad. I need to feel your enthusiasm behind my screen.

I’m not sure at all when this will be a possibility, but I can guarantee you that I’m working hard on getting this beast up and running with a deadline no later than 2020. If I can get sufficient funds placed to start with, and the mentally right people on boarded I will settle this as soon as possible. As I wrote earlier I will need at least 50% of the profit to go directly into the hands of people that needs it, the other 50% will be for running the organization around it. If possible, I will even shrink that more.

There’s a saying that goes like this:
Culture eats strategy for breakfast

I want you to deeply think about how your culture (mood, mind, behavior, habits etc.) affects your trading and write that in your request as well – this is part of the essential we need to break down and build up again.

Looking forward to work with a lot of interesting individuals over the next years!

Best Hegards
/Mr Flow

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