Special Announcement

All right ladies and gentlemen, now it’s time to kick some serious A.. here. :0).

I’ve had tons of chats, tons of skype, mail, phone conferences with a lot of different people that just struggles & struggles to reverse the dip of pain they are in when it comes to trading.

So what’s up – > I’m going to launch a channel where i will be trying out a tool of communication where i can speak to you as the markets are game! – you can interact with me & every other through texting, but i’m the only one allowed to talk.

The tool is called Discord, which in it’s nature is a gamers communication tool. I have created the link below, which is a direct access to my channel where i would like for you to join, for free!!. I have no intentions of making affiliate money etc, hence it’s not a link where i earn anything. It’s simply to help you guys out for free.

1. Login through the link below and either get the app on your phone, or your PC.
2. Create a user
3. say(text) hi and i might respond instantly, at least when i have time

I am trading FDAX, BUND, FX futures, CL etc in the Europe session. In the US session i’m trading primarily the ES, some ZN’s and occasionally the YM, TF, RYT & NQ – it just depends…. i might even begin to trade the Nikkei taking the volatility into consideration.

I will be online from NOW.

Best of trading, really looking forward to try this out

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