Charts & the importance of volume at price

I’ve been asked a lot of times if I do or do not use charts at all. OFC I use charts, especially for giving me a bias on where price may be swinging to next. But as I’m intraday scalping I’m not at all looking at them.

I really, really like the Volume Profile/at price plottet directly on my 1-hour chart, which I use as the daily analysis timeframe. This is my decision chart for the German 5,10,30 year bonds. I have the same for the US Bonds and all indices — YES, I’m tracking everything.

Now the questions, what am i exactly looking for here on those charts ?.

I’ve recorded a video from Thursday which I will be uploading start next week. I picked the 10 Year T note at the EXACT bottom -1 tick…. That’s a swing technique I often use, where I’m looking for major levels to crack and reverse.

I’ll show & guide you on what I did in the video and why – there’s really MUCH MUCH more to it, than just entering at a specific price.

Have a nice Sunday.

Best of trading

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