Welcome to my site, which is all about daytrading futures contracts. Primarily on the Eurex, CME & CBOT exchanges. My main focus is scalping for 4-6 ticks per contract, and 1-2 intra day swing trades netting around 10-20 ticks where i may scale-in or out on the way. It all depends on market context, which you can learn more about under Education(soon to be updated).

I started out in 2009 trading stocks via a rather suspicious broker. At that time, i had NO insight behind the scenes in the markets. I had NO idea what i was doing to be honest. I was a little fish, trying to battle between sharks.

I had just finished my educational career within the IT industry specialising in Network & Storage systems.
I was(still am) a hard worker, and managed to battle my way up a few steps in the “ladder” in this big American company i worked for:). It was fun working there, i got a tremendous amount of education abroad visiting all kinds of funny places, but still… I wanted to trade. I wanted to get under the hood in the market, i wanted to drive the market!.

I got a passion for all the blinking numbers on the screen when watching the stocks in play. All the spiky graphs, indicators etc. etc. I was HOOKED to start making some cash on the sideline when at work…. and ofcourse after work, how hard could it be?.

Ofcourse my atttention was immediately directed to google. Searching for forums, blogs & articles where people, the guru’s you know?!? talked about trading. I ended up reading almost all of the content you can find on forexfactory, finviz, other shitty forums etc…. Luckily i never ended up buying a system for X amount of $.

I got HOOKED in a very specific area concerning trading OTC penny stocks. The main driver for this, truly was that they we’re cheap and had some nice runs. I’ve since managed to grasp the idea of something that’s cheap, and today nothing is too cheap or too expensive to trade in regards of price!. i will rather buy HARD into resistance and sell HARD into support than doing the rational thing…..

I managed to blow up my account of $5k within 3 months and sat back wondering what i should do. I had worked extremely hard for that 5k… I had a ridicoulus low salary at that time, and worked like 16 hours a day to earn my way to freedom.

As i hard working guy, which never leaves the arena before trying the factor if winning i did proceed. I began to focus on more liquid stocks in play and only played them with buying lows and holding on to them for swings that lasts from 1-6 months. That worked quite well, but was boring.

Meanwhile trading stocks, i began digging into the various markets that could be traded… Holy boy -> Stocks, options, futures, Forex even NON existing-markets such as spreadbetting. I was hooked, but didn’t know what i was up against!….

I didn’t buy a system back in the days, but sure i did fall in with both legs beginning to trade through a UK based Spreadbetting provider. I thought that this kind of provider would made it cheaper to trade, and have the same visibility as trading REAL futures. WOW i was stupid!.

I did end up trading most of my capital away, and managed to think it over a couple of times…. Price never was the same as in the Real markets. I signed up with a datafeed with a random provider and began to watch the FESX through a NFP event. The REAL futures market, had it’s price. The Spreadbet provider was 18 points off!!!!. WTF 18 Points!!!!. I know it’s volatile during these times, and i could have agreed to +/- 3 points but this just doesn’t make sense anytime soon.

I moved over to the real market, and began to trade through a price ladder instead!. Sure there was a learning curve here too, but the price is real, and i meet at an exchange where we exchange contracts. I can see everything that happens in there at any time!. With the spreadbet provider, i’m sure they knew where my stop was located at any time, as they have their “own” internal exhange where they suck people in to rip them off! (more about this stuff in the future under education).

There is more, much more to tell in regards of turning my account from – to +. All my friggin’ nightmares i wen’t through, all my bad thoughts about myself and what it actually takes to be consistent.
That information, shall be written in the future when i have the time…..

I wan’t to say thanks to my girlfriend, who is standing by my side all the time. She knows how to thandle me when a bad day is occuring, and when to react when good days are in the pipeline.
I also wan’t to say thanks to my hard working brother, who has helped with some funding to make this venture continue.

Best regards
/Hr Flow.