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Charts & the importance of volume at price

I’ve been asked a lot of times if I do or do not use charts at all. OFC I use charts, especially for giving me a bias on where price may be swinging to next. But as I’m intraday scalping I’m not at all looking at them. I really, really like the Volume Profile/at price

Slack for communication – Chat & Calls

Hi all, i see a need to be more communicative – which i understand, fully!. I’ve ditched Discord and gone over to Slack where i run my training from. There’s multiple reasons for that, which i won’t dive into. I have students that are in groups at times and 1-1’s which get my prioritized attention

NFP Friday

NFP Friday +++ A bunch of other heavy news. Did you take the shaft or did you give!. I usually tell people to stay away from most products when approaching heavy news like Yesterday. Though i’m heavily relying on those news myself to gain a true edge — Pushing the boundaries in the bond markets,

ES – Fishing a possible Low

You decide, is this the low ?. Nasdaq, Dow Jones, Stoxx is so far with me. Missing DAX a bit here, but let’s see. Trade well all – Remember i do teach side-by-side trading Contact me today at Best regards /Mr.Flow

Guess a market….

Right here, right now – in this trade, starting as a scalp, but pushing it to the limit…. Trade Safe /Mr.Flow

Special Announcement

All right ladies and gentlemen, now it’s time to kick some serious A.. here. :0). I’ve had tons of chats, tons of skype, mail, phone conferences with a lot of different people that just struggles & struggles to reverse the dip of pain they are in when it comes to trading. So what’s up –

Exciting times ahead!

All right, it has been some time since I posted and I actually brought down the site, in order to rebuild it completely – as always time is not in my favor at any circumstance so I left it again where it originally was. Meanwhile I also managed to become a dad, which in its

Sterling – Dollar -> Short

An extremely interesting trade is triggered from my side, to the short side. The GAP down in GBP/USD, from Friday the 30’th of september 2016 is filled. Hence the French election on Sunday, it’s a bit of a risky one, but worth it in my view. 1’st target = 12900 2’nd target = 12800 3’rd

Dollar – Yen BIG Short opportunity

Watch out for this heavy monster. I don’t have time to write a longer article, but it’s a huge opportunity if things play out as supposed when ECB meting at 2 PM today… Best of trading /Hr.flow orderflowtrading.d

Crude Oil – Volume Alert

High volume nodes in CL, which leads me to a change in direction. There might be a measured move down to 48,80 from around 53,10. Watch out for a monster rebound….. Stay tuned /Hr.Flow