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Slack for communication – Chat & Calls

Hi all, i see a need to be more communicative – which i understand, fully!. I’ve ditched Discord and gone over to Slack where i run my training from. There’s multiple reasons for that, which i won’t dive into. I have students that are in groups at times and 1-1’s which get my prioritized attention

Special Announcement

All right ladies and gentlemen, now it’s time to kick some serious A.. here. :0). I’ve had tons of chats, tons of skype, mail, phone conferences with a lot of different people that just struggles & struggles to reverse the dip of pain they are in when it comes to trading. So what’s up –

Exciting times ahead!

All right, it has been some time since I posted and I actually brought down the site, in order to rebuild it completely – as always time is not in my favor at any circumstance so I left it again where it originally was. Meanwhile I also managed to become a dad, which in its

YES – I’m still here

Hi guys. It’s been a while since I’ve updated with posts & comments. I’ve been taking on a new position which honestly consumes a tremendous amount of time, power & energy. That being mixed with my trading & family I find absolutely no time for making videos, editing them, put sound on and answering to

Scalping & Swinging

Hi all. It’s been a while since i’ve posted any updates. 🙂 A new year has started and i’ve switched job too, which means i do not have time to scalp any longer, at least not during Eurex/LIFFE opening. During US session i’m too tired at the moment as i have an extreme learning curve

I need help :)

I need to get my website re-build in order to look smart, respond fast and in general expand the functionalities a bit. I don’t have the time to do it my self, neither the interest. But would like to exchange the work with 1-1 training where it’s up to you in what areas you would

Market Brief & vacation

Best of trading to all of you. I’m going on vacation now and won’t be back until end of August. Best regards /Hr.Flow

Summer is around….

Summertime is here, the indices seems heavy but in lack of volume and i’m soon heading for vacation too for around 3 weeks :0)…. I’ve been watching the bond market all day long, and there’s a lot of commitment to buy at the moment, hence i made some quick scalps I’ve been busy, but have

My Pre-market planning – The edge comes by hard work!!

This is a video explaining my pre-market preparation stuff. Hence my lack of time, i finally got time to get it done as it has been requested multiple times :)…. Hope it helps in your trading-planning Best of trading /Hr.Flow

Just an update – No videos

Just wanted to tell you i’m still alive :). I’m scalping in&out the FESX/FGBL only at the moment. Yesterday was still a bit too thin in my view so i stayed on the sideline, but today we finally picked up a bit of volume. Be careful though, It’s still a bit volatile hence the heavier