Easter play – GBP/USD spot intraday swing short

An end of easter play booked. 6B futures has a gap up with a high volume area around the .2560 sufficient selling at these levels triggered my short intra-day swing I think this amigo here is good for 30 points or so to the downside, if orderflow is sustained. It’s like seeing paint dry at

Easter play – EURUSD Spot Swing

Happy easter all – let’s see how this Spot FX Swing in the EUR/USD plays out. I don’t expect much to happen, but it’s worth the play. FYI: This is a Swing trade, no intra day trading, no DOM scalping. Been waiting multiple days for this one. Best regards /Hr.Flow orderflowtrading.dk

YES – I’m still here

Hi guys. It’s been a while since I’ve updated with posts & comments. I’ve been taking on a new position which honestly consumes a tremendous amount of time, power & energy. That being mixed with my trading & family I find absolutely no time for making videos, editing them, put sound on and answering to

Scalping & Swinging

Hi all. It’s been a while since i’ve posted any updates. 🙂 A new year has started and i’ve switched job too, which means i do not have time to scalp any longer, at least not during Eurex/LIFFE opening. During US session i’m too tired at the moment as i have an extreme learning curve

I need help :)

I need to get my website re-build in order to look smart, respond fast and in general expand the functionalities a bit. I don’t have the time to do it my self, neither the interest. But would like to exchange the work with 1-1 training where it’s up to you in what areas you would

Scalping the 6E

Hi Guys, it’s been quite some time since i’ve given some info around trading. I’ve been extremely hung up with multiple things, including trading :). I’ve recorded a nice little video showing a position build in the 6E, where i also scalped a couple of times. Hope you enjoy it…. I was thinking of trying

Back in business :)

Sooo, i’m back from vacation… I’m trying to get tuned in on the markets, which i’ve spend some hours on today. First scalp of the day was in the ZN – the new contract. Keep in mind we’ve just switched contracts in the Treasuries, but not yet in the European markets, hence the markets acts

Market Brief & vacation

Best of trading to all of you. I’m going on vacation now and won’t be back until end of August. Best regards /Hr.Flow orderflowtrading.dk

ZN – Hitting the very buttom & reverse

2 scalps in this video. First was a looser where i just hit the very buttom and no one was eager to blow out the buttom. 2’nd one was in the opposite direction, riding with the “lack” of momentum :). Best of trading to all of you /Hr.Flow orderflowtrading.dk

ZN Short scalping

Scalping the Bonds again & again. Video is with sound – but please be patient. It’s summer time, and it’s just slow :). Though there was a very nice level over 2 prices in the ZN where i participated. Best of trading /Hr.Flow orderflowtrading.dk