Bund Stop run

This is a video of a play in the German Bund(FGBL). I was sitting this morning doing by pre-market stuff, not really sure whether we should down in the Bonds in general or keep tagging higher highs. As i’ve learned during my old DAX-drawdown days is…. Don’t think too much, you’ll just get burned trying

Scalping @ Eurex

Hi all, a very quick tour of a day in my office :). It’s a very small snippet of my daily trading routine which involves a lot more… And a very small part of the scalps i made today. The video is recorded during the Europe session. I do trade the US session too. More

Scalping the BOBL

I made multiple trades today, which i will try to explain with sound on if i can manage to figure out the Camtasia stuff later in the evening :). Here’s a BOBL teaser which was executed at the Very low of a thick area in the volume profile. The reason i entered Long the BOBL

FESX & FGBL scalping

Scalping the Eurostoxx & The Bund. The edge is the inside market….. Best of trading /Hr.Flow orderflowtrading.dk

Bund Long scalping

Today i was looking to Buy the Bund(FGBL), with a negative/short bias to the indices in general for a short term period. Momentum was in general very slow, but i had some nice & clean pulling & stacking in the volume profile, which indeed was easy to follow. I made an entry @ 166.82 as

Long Eurostoxx & Short Bund

Hi all, This morning i was looking to short the German Bund (FGBL) but somehow it was difficult to read it. There’s really no absorption at the moment, and it seems to be played very technically with stop orders executing over the highs and under the lows. I decided to play the Eurostoxx/FESX where i

Swing Long the 10-Year T-Note

I’m Long in a swing position in the 10 Year (ZN) Future @ Globex. I’ll see if i can ride it for 15-20 ticks. Theres a Bond auction later today, so i’ll sit tight and watch the Price Action. If we can stay above 133,070 and the 30 & 5 year follows through, i’ll see

Just an update – No videos

Just wanted to tell you i’m still alive :). I’m scalping in&out the FESX/FGBL only at the moment. Yesterday was still a bit too thin in my view so i stayed on the sideline, but today we finally picked up a bit of volume. Be careful though, It’s still a bit volatile hence the heavier

Brexit – no trade-zone!

morning guys, I’m NOT trading today….. Just giving my view on the markets at the moment. It’s thin, it’s in panic… It’s ugly and absolutely non-tradeable in my opinion – YOU should stay the f…. away. Far, far way. See you on Monday – ready to trade again. /Hr.Flow orderflowtrading.dk

All bets are off!!!!!

All Bets are off!. I will be watching multiple markets closely but won’t participate until start next week. I scalped the Bund multiple times today, but i seemed very slippery in terms of the Flow + i Wan’t to stop with ticks in the pocket for today. I see a VERY dangerous pattern with some