FESX Long scalps

Sorry for my lagging video-edit skills. I’ve just started out with Camtasia as my last provider wasn’t suitable for the job. Basically showing a few scalps in the FESX this morning. 1’st one, was from 2928, taken from the highest volume-node which was 16352 when i got Long. Sellers hesitated to Bid prices lower, and

Brexit NextIT…….

Just came back from a nice short “well deserved” vacation ;). I’ve been scalping quite a bit today, but no recordings. Brexit ahead…. Everybody’s talking about it and it might happen. BUT….. Prepare for the complete opposite to happen. Someone’s going to hit it, and someone’s going to puke hard….. Currently i’m only focusing on

A few days of vacation…….

I’m going somewhere nice and warm this week to relax… I’ll be back the 20’th, ready to scalp the futures markets once again :). Safe trading all /Hr Flow.

ZF 5-Year T-Note Bond scalping

In Danish…… Hej venner, jeg vil blot lige give en kort intro til hvad jeg kigger efter, når jeg handler. Samt hvordan jeg rent faktisk gør det. Jeg har taget udgangspunkt i Replay-data da jeg ikke fik det optaget igår. Her kan i kan se på det chart som jeg IKKE handler efter, hvor jeg

Ready for US open

Unfortunately, i was out of office this morning. Both the German Bunds, FESX, DAX, FTSE etc had some nice clean runs. Waiting happily to US wakes up :). I’m starring at my Ladders and will not switch position anytime soon!!!! Safe trading, it could get very volatile /Hr Flow.

Eurostoxx scalping

Yesterday, was kind of weird in terms of the orderflow in the price lader as we we’re swapping contracts. I did not take a trade, but watched the products i primarily focus on. Today, is equally a bit weird. We are trading the new contract in the Bunds and still the June one in the

NO trading prior to US open – contract swap

No trading prior to US open. We’re going from the June contract to the September one. Even in the US session i will probably stay on the sideline. People who are either short/long indices or bonds need to swap contract or get totally out. That creates a few unpredictable moves. If the big players are

Stoxx Short Reverse Long scalping

Slow start around market open. I made 3 trades in this video. I shorted the 2993’s and was aiming for 2987. Basically nothing happened in the FESX and the Bund began to roll back a bit. I decided to scratch my short position with a 3 tick loss and to enter Long with a Stop

Eurostoxx50/FESX Short scalping

I was looking to enter Short the FESX, as i saw some size coming in around 2997. @ 2999 i began to worry a bit, but they could not lift the 3000 level with enough size so i decided to stay in the trade. I was a bit slow with my exit which should have

German Bund Long Scalping

what a slow morning. I was looking to enter Long the German Bund (FGBL) to ride a stop-run through 165.20-165.22 I entered a bit early @ 165.13, as i expected a fast pop-scalp. The correct entry in hindsight would have been to join @ 165.11 with a 2-3 tick stop, though i thought we wouldn’t